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who we are

Helping Businesses Protect What Matters Most

Our Mission

Organizations are actively addressing on-site safety through the new lens of a global pandemic. Our process is good for your bottom line and doesn’t sacrifice the safety of your employees and customers. We believe businesses can thrive while protecting their people and community. That’s why we’ve curated a cleaning routine that unites our passion for delivering cleaning solutions with modern science, and technology to help businesses protect what matters most.


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Our Story

DB3 Solutions started in the custom apparel sector. In conversations with clients, the need for reliable cleaning services was recognized; businesses were routinely disappointed with their ‘big brand’ sanitization and cleaning services and were actively seeking a company with a commitment to consistency in their product.


From this outcry, a company was born: DB3 cleaning. It was founded on integrity, and the notion that organizations have plenty to juggle without the additional stress of inconsistent cleaning services. Businesses need a partner they can trust to keep their spaces clean, safe, and protected.


Today, the stakes are even higher for businesses and DB3 cleaning continues to provide services with integrity so that businesses can return their focus to the customer.

Why DB3 Solutions?

  • We are a company founded on integrity

  • Professional crew always in full uniform

  • Dedicated and consistent team to service your organization

  • A custom checklist for work performed at every service

  • Flexible packages and agreement schedules

  • 24-hour emergency services hotline

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Our Solutions

DB3 Solutions offers a full suite of commercial cleaning and sanitation service to keep your organization clean, safe, and confident. They’re powerful alone - but even better when used together. Learn More>


Regularly scheduled cleaning service with service packages designed to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Deep Cleaning

Regularly scheduled or occasional sanitation service formulated to disinfect and kill a broad spectrum of microorganisms.



A 2-step process that delivers hospital-grade disinfectant, followed by an antimicrobial coating delivered via ULV fogging.


DB3 Suite

The perfect combination of commercial cleaning and sanitization so that you can open your doors every day with confidence.


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